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The Trip


The Trip


The Great Tassie Trek

Alan's Great Tasmanian Photo Trek is an excursion to one of the farthest, corner islands of the world amidst real devils, stunning landscapes, pure hops, extraordinary dairy, extreme sailboats, and ghostly, convict remnants.


All photography provided by Alan Shaw

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Photo Album

Photo Album

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Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter Campaign

Share in Alan's Great Tassie Photo Trek! Celebrate his BIG birthday & support his unique photog POV and his first online exhibition.

Alan's Great Tasmanian Photo Trek is an excursion to one of the farthest, corner islands of the world amidst real devils, stunning landscapes, pure hops, extraordinary dairy, extreme sailboats, and ghostly, convict remnants.

He plans to capture Tasmania’s astonishing beauty (37% of its land is protected) in a two-week, camping trip around as much of the island as possible. His photos will pay homage to the story and history of this tiny foothold, bobbing between two major oceans: the Indian and the Pacific, buffeted incessantly by the treacherous Roaring 40s.

His point of view (POV) behind the lens hopes to shine a light on the importance of Australia’ smallest and furthest state (240 kilometres from the Australian mainland) despite its remoteness or as the New York Times describes ‘the Southern Hemisphere’s last terrestrial gasp.’ It is so far away, that, sometimes/sadly, it gets left off the Australian map  – which probably says more about mainland Aussies than Tassies (the colloquial name of the island and its people).

Plans are to shoot Australia's first penal colonies (Port Arthur), the urbanscape of the country's second oldest city (Hobart), World Heritage Wilderness and wildlife (theNarawntapu National Park is considered the Serengeti of the Southern Hemisphere), and go below ground into Oz’s deepest cave (Hastings).  Alan’s 14 day sojourn in a Hiace, Austrek converted van will take him through Tasmania’s unique and diversified urban, rural and remote landscapes, the latter often unpopulated (compare Tassie's 500,000 people to equitably sized Switzerland's 7 million).

Your support will also help him experience Tasmania's astonishing food and drink culture. As some of the island's best produce are on remote islands, photos of its world class cheeses and cheeserys and boutique farms will need to wait for a return trip. But there WILL be cake on the 27 November to celebrate his BIG birthday (and most likely a picture!)

Finally, Alan will distinctly carve out time to explore how hops, malt and barley shaped the development and identity of this unique island by photographing Tassie's existing 16 breweries and distilleries listed below.

Tasmanian Breweries

1.Cascade, South Hobart

2.Iron House, Ironhouse Point

3.J Boag & Son, Launceston

4.Moo Brew, Berriedale

5.Seven Sheds Brewery, Railton

6.Two Metres Tall, Hayes

7.Van  Diemen Brewing, Evandale

8.Wineglass Bay Brewing, between Bicheno and Swansea

Tasmanian Distilleries

1.Hellyers Road Distillery, Havenview

2.Lark Distillery, Hobart

3.Nant Distillery (has the only commercially operating water-powered flour mill in Australia, used to grist the barley), Bothwell

4.Redlands Distillery (one of only two 'paddock to bottle' single malt whisky distilleries in the world; the other is Kilchoman in Scotland), Plenty

5.Tasmania Distillery/Sullivan Cove (winner of the World's Best Single Malt in 2014 and set on the site where the British planted their flag to colonise the Antipodes), Cambridge

6.The Belgrove Distillery, Kempton

7.The Old Hobart Distillery, Blackmans Bay

8.William McHenry & Sons Distillery, Port Author

Thanks for celebrating a seminal moment in Alan’s life and being a part of his Great Tasmanian Photography Trek!


All images will be shot on a digital Canon 5D Mark II camera

All printed image sizes are in in inches unless otherwise indicated.  All printed images will come with a border for matting and framing.

Images will be printed on archival Milford Gold Fibre Silk, heavier 250 gsm paper, using an Epsom 3880 printer. 

All printed images will be signed and dated by Alan; limited prints will also be hand numbered.

The online exhibition images will be available for viewing at with high-res downloads available upon request (and that you agree to acknowledgement/attribute Alan when you use the image).

To demonstrate his level of photographic skill and to understand his POV, samples of Alan's work are in the above image of Hooker Valley New Zealand and below (remember he has yet to to photograph anything in Tasmania).

Sunflowers and One Bee (find it!) - Monet's Garden, Giverney France

Mad Monkees - Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

What can go wrong?

1. Alan has yet to embark on his Great Tasmanian Photography Trek, so all photos still need to shot, and then the real work begins with the sorting and editing

2. Your requested image may not actually be photographed due to closures, car problems, acts of God. In the unlikely case of this happening, Alan will contact you to determine an appropriate replacement image.

3. Like everyone, after getting through the Christmas and New Year crazy, all effort will be expended to meet the deadline of 31 January 2015 to setup the online exhibition on and mail out all prints before 28 February 2015